Praise for Dylan Dover: Into the Vortex

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🏆 HONORABLE MENTION for the 2023 Eric Hoffer Grand Prize in YA Lit
🎉 WINNER of the 2023 Golden Wizard Book Prize 🎉
🏅 FINALIST in the 2022 American Book Fest Best Book Awards
AND in the 2023 Eric Hoffer First Horizon Award for Debut Authors 🏅
🥇 1st Place Book Excellence Award for Best in Middle Grade Fantasy @ Chick Lit Cafe 🥇
🏅 Golden Book Award + 5-Star Review @ Literary Titan 🌟
🌟 5-Star Review @ Reader Views Kids & Readers’ Favorite 🌟

2023 Shelf Unbound Best Indie Book Competition - honored as a “Notable 100”

"Into the Vortex is an absolutely phenomenal read, and I have no doubt that the Dylan Dover series will become a global sensation!

After reading only a few pages, I was completely enthralled by this work of genius and could not put it down until I had finished it.

The author's exceptional talent is evident in every aspect of the novel, from its well-conceived plot to its engaging characters and vivid detail. It brings to life a richly imaginative complex fantasy realm that readers will want to revisit again and again. And this is what I believe will help the series gain worldwide fame."

--- Louise Jane, CEO @ The Golden Wizard Book Prize

“The new obsession for Harry Potter fans”

Dylan Dover was such a rich exciting book. I read this in a mini book club with my two teenage grandchildren and was so good I would read it again myself. The book has many of the rich magical fantasy themes we all love so much but builds on those to give us a richly described world for the characters to convincingly exist in. The characters are empathetic and believable. Will look forward to the next book.

—Review on, November 2022

"Aimed at a middle-grade audience, Dylan Dover starts before Dylan’s birth setting out the premise of the story. There is a prophecy of four young siblings who will change the Fae world forever. Some want this to happen, but others don’t, and they will do anything to stop the prophecy from coming about. We read both sides, so we know who we can and can’t trust. We even know another force is behind the antagonists, making them behave a certain way, which is perfect for an MG audience. There is a good mix of explanation and mystery to engage with a young audience without leaving them confused by having to always read between the lines... An enjoyable read, suitable for its target audience but with enough depth to keep a more seasoned reader engaged... Highly recommended."

—Sarah Deeming @ The British Fantasy Society

“Dylan Dover: Into the Vortex by Lynne Howard is an incredible story and magical fantasy world filled with wizards, warlocks, vampires, portals, and even pet fireballs. This book has it all for fans who are looking for the ultimate escape into and fantastical realm filled with adventure danger and magic… Author Lynne Howard is a wonderful imaginative storyteller and has kept her creative mind hard at work. She has done a stellar job of simplifying a complex plot into an average-length middle-grade novel. It’s full of secrets, wonder, magic, and twists and turns. She ends it with several great hooks that really make you want to immediately get your hands on the sequel (which I hope is coming soon!). It really is a fantastical adventure with elements of danger and just the smallest bit of romance sprinkled in. Dylan is a really relatable character, and the novel also contains some great humor… Chock-full of whimsy and wonder, Dylan Dover: Into the Vortex is a wonderful middle-grade fantasy novel written by a very talented and imaginative author. It is the first book in a series. Dylan Dover: Into the Vortex (The Dylan Dover fantasy series Book 1) by Lynne Howard comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café.”

—Michaela Gordoni @ Chick Lit Café

"I just finished reading Dylan Dover: Into the Vortex now! It was suuuuper good! I've even stayed up until 2am reading it all in one go... This book reminded me so much of the books that I used to read when I was a kid, sitting in the library and consuming a whole book in 2 hours. I used to binge books so often back then. This brought back so many fond memories and good vibes! I don't know why you were selling a whole novel at Comicon, but I'm soooo glad that you were! I got to find your beautiful gem of a book! Super looking forward to book number 2!!!!!! Super hype!!!!! Sincerely, your new fan, Megan L."

—Megan L. in a personal email to the author

“In the world today there are so many young adult fantasy stories to choose from that it gets to the point where one gets a bit bored assuming they are getting the same-old-thing. I am here to tell you that Lynne Howard’s debut novel, Dylan Dover, Into the Vortex, is not the same-old-thing and it should not be missed. It is an excellent story giving us a new supernatural hero, actually more than one, and it gives the reader an adventure and characters that are truly likeable, which is not always the case.

Dylan is a very normal 12-year-old, or so he thinks. He goes to school, loves his pets and his adoptive parents, and gets picked on by the older kids. One day, as he is running away from some of those bullies, Dylan falls into a vortex that sends him to a parallel universe. In this new place, a very confused boy finds his real parents, a twin brother named Remy, and a new friend named Thea. He also finds out that he is actually a warlock who belongs in this new world. In addition to all of this, Dylan finds pure evil in the form of Balthazar, who will do anything to make sure that Dylan does not discover anymore of the truth around his background and his place in this new universe.

What follows is a great adventure as the newly reunited brothers and their friend Thea try to unravel the mystery of the twins’ birth and why they were separated and one sent to the human world. It is such a fun story to read and will leave you clamoring for the next in the series as the end will leave you with many unanswered questions regarding the boys and their prophecy (yes, of course, there is a prophecy).

Ms. Howard has given us all an extremely well-written and fun story with wonderful characters that, as I said before, are actually likeable as opposed to so many characters in young adult books that you just, dare I say it, don’t like at all. She has taken all that is good about the fantasy genre and written an interesting and fun new adventure that I am sure will be a hit with many, adults and children alike.

If you are a fan of Harry Potter… or Percy Jackson… or even Narnia… then I guarantee you will enjoy our new hero, Dylan, and his friends. I highly recommend this book. 5 stars!!”

—Kathy Stickles, for Reader Views

Dylan Dover: Into the Vortex is an ingenious tale involving immortals of every stripe and kind. A comical bureaucracy holds this realm together complete with tangled regulations and a border station with our mortal world (the author has clearly crossed the US-Canada border many times). Add a prophecy to this mix, four hidden siblings, magic school, and an impending apocalypse, and the result is a tale that beautifully complements the Harry Potter series. Lynne Howard’s spell is dazzling, and readers will be powerless to resist it.”

—Nicholas Maes, author of Laughing Wolf

“A truly captivating read that beautifully combines the magic of imagination and an imaginary world with real themes, such as family, friendship and in many ways a true moral compass. The story weaves together elements of humor, action-packed excitement, mysteries and interaction of the supernatural, and love which guarantee that readers of all ages will want more. The characters take on a life of their own. Dylan Dover: Into the Vortex will make you wonder if magic really does exist. It will provide the reader with the opportunity to learn things about our world through our real or imagined friends. I highly recommend it.”

The Hon. Marvin Zuker, Associate Professor, University of Toronto

“As a teacher and parent of young adolescents, Dylan Dover: Into the Vortex is the perfect conversation piece for the complex relationships and dilemmas that our adolescents face in today's complex world. The characters mirror our world leaders and provide so many windows of opportunity to discuss leadership, personality, and character. This is a must-read for the generation of the future; brilliant, imaginative, and impactful.”

—Danny Goodman, Elementary school teacher in the York Region District School Board & Camp Director, Ontario

“I am pleased to recommend a new book in the fantasy genre. Dylan Dover: Into the Vortex is the perfect read and beginning of a new trilogy for all those YA fantasy fans starving for a new hero. It’s full of all those important additions that are a must in the fantasy genre including warlocks, witches, wizards, vampires, shape-shifters, fairies, elves, ogres, and giants with the addition of time shifting. This is the start of a new absorbing series that will satisfy the avid fantasy genre reader!”

Judi Morris, Retired high school English teacher in Toronto, Canada

“Fasten your transport portal seatbelt as Lynne Howard takes readers on a supernatural journey between the parallel universe of the mortal and immortal worlds. The uncanny abilities, magical powers, and mysterious prophecy surrounding wizards, vampires and shape-shifters will leave you riveted. The ordinary confronts the extraordinary as Dylan encounters daunting forces in this fantasy adventure . . . A must-read for the imaginative and curious mind!”

Beth Hurd, Educator of children from Kindergarten to 6th grade in Arizona

“I’m impressed with Lynne Howard’s ability to create an imaginary and fantastical world of adventure, mystery and excitement. The story beautifully blends elements of magic and the supernatural to highlight the importance of companionship, love and friendship in a fun and entertaining format.”

Sara Black, High school English teacher in Toronto, Canada & mother of two children in elementary school

Dylan Dover: Into the Vortex is an interesting and gripping fantasy novel for young adolescents. It is easy to read and an obvious page turner as I could not put it down. It incorporates aspects of a great story such as action and mystery which will captivate any reader. Its storyline reminds me of Harry Potter and is definitely addictive. Outstanding and highly entertaining for boys and girls alike.”

Suzanne Gluchy, Teacher at a private high school in Toronto, Canada & mother of two children

Dylan Dover: Into the Vortex has all the necessary ingredients to get young teens excited and hooked on reading. This new trilogy will grab their attention and keep them engaged from page one. From warlocks, witches, wizards, and vampires to shape-shifters, elves, ogres and giants, this new world of immortals has it all! This series is also a wonderful resource for educators, as it consists of well-developed settings, complex characters, and strong plots that can be compared to real world events. It’s a must read for the young and imaginative mind!”

Carmelo Nanfara, Principal for the Toronto District School Board & father of two teenagers

“Lynne Howard has graced the fantasy genre with her riveting book Dylan Dover: Into the Vortex. The book is filled with richly layered imagery and a journey between the world of the mortals and immortals. She takes you on a fascinating journey into a wildly imaginative world. Lynne masterfully builds suspense due to all the tension and disputes between the characters that parallel the jostling of power and the unravelling of international order in our society. This is an enrapturing read that I would highly recommend for both children and adults.”

Sherene Sahib, Principal in the Toronto District School Board & a Registered Nurse

“As a Special Education Teacher and parent to three children ranging in age from 13 to 20, I can say that Lynne Howard’s book Dylan Dover: Into the Vortex peaks the interest of a wide range of readers. Her creativity and adventurous style keeps the reader engaged throughout the book. Her combination of a fantastical, imaginary world with relevant themes for her audience is sure to keep them captivated! I look forward to reading more novels from her!
Stacey Shuster, special education teacher with the York Region District School Board in Ontario & mother of three daughters

Dylan Dover: Into the Vortex by Lynne Howard is a brilliant fantasy novel, the first in a trilogy, intended for young adults who love reading about heroes and superheroes in the fantasy world. Her characters are incredible and bridge both worlds - the mortal and immortal world. Each character is exciting to follow and suspense lurks around every corner. This novel is an exciting page turner and in a fantastical way represents the world in which we are now living.”

Sandra Miller, retired English teacher at a private high school in Toronto, Canada

“Magic, prophesies, immortality, supernatural, war, adventure, life, rebirth, fate, jealousy and survival all play significant parts in this book. Dylan Dover: Into the Vortex delves into the unknown word of immortals who co-exist with humans to varying degrees-is this possible? Out of this intersection, is forged a whole new world that parallels the nuances and complexities of life as we know it. Lynne Howard’s book exceeds all expectations of its kind; a genre that will appeal to all ages-magnificent writing that draws the reader into multiple issues of identity, replete with many facets of our existence as human beings. A must read!”

Nadira Persaud, Veteran educator & Superintendent of Education for Toronto District School Board

Dylan Dover: Into the Vortex is an electrifying new adventure that will delight fantasy readers of all ages. Lynne Howard introduces a charismatic hero that readers want to root for and flawlessly intertwines a unique fantastical world with its own rich mythology to complex issues that adolescents are facing, creating the perfect book for long term fantasy readers and new fans alike.”

Lynda Watters, Principal of an elementary school in the Toronto District School Board & the proud parent of two children

“Lynne Howard has crafted an impressive and imaginative world in Dylan Dover: Into the Vortex. The intriguing mix of immortal and mortal characters will keep you curious about whom you'll meet next. This is a unique story I will read and enjoy with my daughter to get her hooked on fantasy fiction!

Leorah Marcu, Veteran educator & teacher at a private school in Toronto; also the proud mother of one daughter

“I am pleased to recommend Dylan Dover: Into the Vortex for both adolescents and adults. The story line captures your interest immediately and will foster great family discussions. As an educator, reading is extremely important and there are concerns that adolescents are not reading enough. In particular, the lack interest in reading by boys is worrisome. This brilliant fantasy adventure will captivate boys and inspire them to read not just this book but more in the series. The journeys of the warlocks, witches, wizards, vampires, shapeshifters, fairies, elves, ogres and giants may build resilience to enable adolescents to cope with their daily stress. The story will allow adolescent minds to drift into a happy place. A must read!”

Ruth Kelly, Secondary Vice-Principal for the Toronto District School Board in Ontario, Canada

Dylan Dover: Into the Vortex is an inspirational, cleverly thought out epic journey between two worlds. Secrets, greed and corruption permeate the political leaders. The pursuit of self-discovery leads to new worlds, new relationships and teaches resilience, problem-solving strategies, and the importance of teamwork and commitment. Howard provides many opportunities for relevant and important discussions on real world, authentic issues youth face today. This fantasy trilogy is sure to captivate and mesmerize audiences of all ages!”

Gail Kemper, Elementary teacher at the York Region District School Board in Ontario, Canada. Passionate for literacy, she is also the mother of two avid readers

Dylan Dover: Into the Vortex is a fascinating story that captures the reader's imagination and will transport you into visualizing the lived experience of the characters in vivid detail. In a world where technology and social media is impacting our young minds with distractions, I highly recommend this book to engage and spur the love of reading in our youth again.”

Aiman Flahat, National award-winning principal, Superintendent of Education for the Halton Region District School Board, speaker & father of three

Dylan Dover: Into the Vortex is everything magical and mystical that the world needs right now. It’s the perfect escape during an otherwise unprecedented time in world history. This story is one of wonder, fantasy and acceptance all rolled into an epic novel accessible to readers of all ages. The themes, although presented as fiction, share a common thread of issues surrounding acceptance, individuality and bravery. At a time when some lead with hate, this book has the ability to inspire readers to lead with love and hope. If you love fantasy, mythology and fiction, this book is the one for you.”

Puja Chadha, Principal in the Toronto District School Board in Ontario, Canada

“Howard's book tells the gripping tale of a young boy and his quest to learn about his true identity. Through her writing, she is able to transport you into the magical world of warlocks, wizards, witches, and vampires. As a high school teacher, I have no doubt that adolescents and young adults will be able to connect with and see themselves in Dylan, the hero of Howard's story. This is one that fans of other fantasy books, like Harry Potter and The Hobbit, won't be able to put down!”

Lyla Abells, High school teacher at a private school in Toronto, Canada

“Lynne Howard's book Dylan Dover into the Vortex transports readers into their own imagination as they explore two parallel worlds: the immortal world and human world. Readers will get lost in their imagination while at the same time recognizing themselves in so many of the story's themes. Fighting for justice, unteathereable family ties, and friendships that gain strength as they overcome obstacles are all themes today's YA can connect to. I would highly recommend this book to my students and look forward to exploring its many themes and characters further in my future classrooms.”

Jennie Kelman, Vice Principal of a private elementary school in Toronto, Ontario and the proud mother of one daughter

“If there was ever a time young adults could use a little escapism -- er, and their parents -- it’s right about now. Except this new normal includes vampires, witches, shape-shifters and ogres. Lynne Howard’s Dylan Dover: Into the Vortex delves into a fantastical dance between two worlds: our familiar mortal presence struggling with human life in the 21st century and a secret dimension populated with immortals, each with unique magical powers. A warlock by birth but adopted by human parents, Dylan stumbles into the vortex, the link between worlds, and reunites with his warlock family. A supernatural saga but with timeless themes – family, faith, and morality – Dylan must not only grasp the norms in this most un-normal new world, but must also unravel his role in it. Lynne craftily draws the reader into this fantasy fiction with strong characters, smart dialogue, and an engaging tale you don’t want to end. Thankfully, it’s the first in a planned trilogy.”

Marc Saltzman, High tech journalist and author of Apple Watch for Dummies

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