Whatโ€™s Next for Dylan Dover?

The following titles in the Dylan Dover series are forthcoming from Lynne Howard. No publisher or distributor has yet been contracted.

Contact Lynne Howard by e-mailing her HERE.

Dylan Dover: Orion's Quest
(Book Two)

*currently seeking publisher*

Dylan, his newly discovered identical brothers Remy & Seth, along with their friends Thea (a wizard), Halle & Oliver (shapeshifters) and Via (a fireball) are desperate to discover the secrets of the prophecy which foretold of four siblings, born on the same day, who would be blessed with extraordinary powers. In Book 2, the search for the missing sister and more clues to reveal the truths about the ancient prophecy lead Dylan, his brothers & friends on numerous adventures, crossing between the human & immortal worlds. New allies are revealed and alliances formed, but there are also new dangers that threaten the siblings & the existence of all immortals in both dimensions. As the siblings discover their hidden powers, they also uncover secret agendas & threats that have remained concealed until now.


Book 3
Dylan Dover: Players of the Prophecy


Book 4
Dylan Dover: New Order Rising


Book 5
Dylan Dover: Awakenings


Book 6
Dylan Dover:
a work currently in progress

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